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CARP Sudbury Chapter 9


CARP’s slogan says it all … A New Vision of Aging for Canada

That commitment is not taken lightly on a national level where CARP Vice President, Susan Eng, and her team advocate tirelessly on the big issues of the day that face all Canadians as we age.

This includes medical and health coverage, pensions, CCP, OAS, tax credits, our legal rights and protections, and our standing in the country.

In our region

On a local level, Chapter 9 is just beginning to build our own Advocacy team and we look to you for assistance in that area. We want to know what you think, what concerns you, how the political changes that happen within our region affect your every day life and impact your future.

There are daily issues in life that we all share, regardless of our age. We worry about money, the increasing cost of food, transportation, housing, government waste of our tax dollars and our health. Specifically, older adults have a greater interest in medical care and the ability to access essential services in our region.

We constantly hear about reduction in services but don’t truly understand the impact that may have on our lives in the coming years or what we can do to plan for such an eventuality.

We welcome your input and involvement

We’d like to hear from you. We invite you to become involved, to share your ideas with us, even take an active role on the Advocacy committee or attend a brainstorming meeting to share your views

We encourage and welcome your input.

Please send an email to  sudbury@carp.ca .

Click here for  local advocacy