CARP (Canadian Association of Retired Persons) Sudbury Chapter has just released a video in which a doctor answers questions pertaining to the medical use of Cannabis.that were submitted by chapter members.  Hosting the approximately 30 minute presentation, Hugh Kruzel, chair of the local chapter and John Lindsay, vice chair.  The doctor is Arash Taghvai of Apollo Cannabis Clinics.  This topic has been of considerable interest to older adults interested in alternative treatment methods for a variety of conditions and could be of interest to younger persons as well concerned about health benefits.

Questions answered included: 

What conditions can medical cannabis help

What are the various methods of consumption

Length of effects for the various methods

What are the possible side effects - dizziness, fatigue, nausea etc.

Interaction with other medication

Travelling with medical cannabis

Where to obtain - clinic or "pot" outlets

Growing your own considerations etc.


For other questions those interested can contact Mark McGown at Apollo Research at  

CARP Sudbury represents approximately 1700 members in Northern Ontario.  The national total is over 300,000.  More information on the organization and work undertaken on behalf of older Canadians can be found at  The Sudbury CARP chapter web address is .