CARP Membership:

In 2016, we (Lyn & Pat Sevean) moved to Sudbury to be closer to our children and new grand daughter Zoey Blue. In 2017, we renewed our CARP membership online through the national office. To our surprise we realized that Sudbury had an active CARP Chapter and that you could indicate online if you wanted to be linked to the chapter website. Who knew it would be so easy with just a click of your computer mouse and you are connected to an entire community of Sudbury CARP members. We were delighted to attend our first Sudbury  CARP meeting on November 23rd, an excellent meeting with many interesting local speakers. From there we volunteered to be ticket sellers for the CHHA Ultimate Dream Home draw and through that experience met many wonderful welcoming CARP members.

Hope this is what you were looking for let me know if you got the email.

CHEERS! Lyn & Pat