Carp Sudbury had success with several local initiatives

1. Majority Candidates Meeting Oct 9. 2014 click here

2. Senior Day Oct 1 click here

3. Options for seniors other than seniors’ residences   click here

4. Mail Service   click here

5. Revised Driver Testing for Seniors over 80      click here

6. Health Sciences North  - STAT-- Short Term Assessment and Treatment Helping   click here

7. Bus transit snow removal watch      Click here

8. ALS  with member and former Board member Cora Turcott   Click here

9. Transgender Seniors  Click here  

10. Police reporting of Minor Incidents  Click here

11. Maley Drive   Click here

12. The 2015 Federal Budget highlights for Seniors  Click here

13. Maley Drive : Myths and Facts click here

14. Parking for Seniors..,, ParkSide

15. Violence against women  Click here   

16.  Candidates for Federal Election 2021

17.  Candidates for  Fall  Mayor 2022

Be an Organ and Tissue Donor  go to

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